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The Agency’s activities are implemented with the help of integrated projects aiming at providing information where needed or lacking or, on the contrary, at deepening some specific environment issues.

Careful consideration is given as well to communication and information activities, as they ensure transparency and the sharing of political choices.

The following projects are being implemented during the 2004/2005 period:
1. Updating of the initial Environment Analysis, precisely: of all the data and information being gathered during monitoring and study activities carried out on the territory and necessary to understand the actual environment conditions from a quality viewpoint, while improving the quality of works conducted so far within the Giada project;
2. Monitoring air quality with the help of ARPAV, by studying a number of different sites and of pollutants; a Dynamic Olphactometry Laboratory has recently been set up by ARPAV, which can analyse and study odours in air samples and represents the first public structure of such type on a national level;
3. The realization of a VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) model which provides a thorough mapping indicating where and to which extent such pollutants are concentrated in the territory;
4. A study on the efficiency of the purification plants and of waste water pipelines (the so-called tubone) serving the tanning district, considering their remarkable impact on the local water supply system, involving the Province of Verona.
5. Second excerpt of the study on water tables, precisely of the underground water system supplying high-quality water for human consumption and as well for agriculture and industrial activities;
6. ISO 14001 standard Environment certification being issued to all the Municipalities taking part in the Agency;
7. Carrying out of a specific initiative aimed at favouring the production system by issuing an “Environmental Product Declaration”: it would promote the sales of goods being produced by industries following environment-compatible processes.
8. Updating of the www.progettogiada.org website in view of improving its quality and use, whilst providing complete information;
9. Supporting the Municipalities in their common effort to have all regulations concerning environment requirements for production sites duly harmonized.

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