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The District Office for Environment-GIADA Agency, in spite of not being a service company for businesses, and for SMEs in particular, foresees – among its main objectives - the carrying out of all preparatory actions aiming at the adoption of EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) by the SMEs, which are led to operating, within a constantly improving process, according to standards allowing for reduced emissions’ release in the environment, if compared to that foreseen by the regulations in force. In view of the above, some businesses located in the Chiampo valley’s tanning district will be in a position to benefit, free of charge, of some validated and updated technical documentation concerning the Initial Environment Analysis conducted in the area where these business are operating, with specific reference to air, water and soil quality, in case the same businesses are willing to start the required procedures to be awarded the ISO 14001 and/or EMAS Certification. Specific operational procedures are also available, although just on a district level, regarding the Environmental Management Systems for the tanning industry. The District Office for Environment-GIADA Agency has also started the steps required to obtain from the “Swedish Environmental Management Council” the PCRs (Product Category Rules) registration related to finished bovine leathers, whose aim is the drawing up of an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), in spite of the latter not being specifically included in the objectives of the District Office for Environment-GIADA Agency.

Services for Local Authorities
The District Office for Environment-GIADA Agency sets coordination of all the environment monitoring and auditing activities within the Arzignano tanning district among its priorities, with the purpose of providing local authorities with scientifically proven tools and data which local managers are in need of, when making decisions concerning the territory they operate in (for instance, when having to define where public works should be carried out, assessing their environmental impact, determining what the environmental conditions are in their own territory, carrying out preparatory actions prior to the PAT’s (Environmental Protection Agency for the Province-Agenzia Provinciale Protezione Ambiente) adoption, etc. In order to ensure that the above is duly executed, all data gathered during the monitoring and study activities on the territory will be constantly updated and assessed, in order to have the relevance and quality level of these works preserved. The following activities are being carried out, in cooperation with ARPAV (Regional Agency for Environmental Prevention and Protection in Veneto - Agenzia Regionale per la Protezione dell'Ambiente del Veneto), in particular :
• VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) monitoring
• Hydrogen sulphide monitoring
• Mobile vehicle campaign
• Dynamic Olphactometry Lab
• Updating on the Initial Environment Analysis document
Another very remarkable portion of the District Office for Environment-GIADA Agency’s activities in favour of the Municipalities located within the tanning district, is that of the Environmental Management Systems’ certification being awarded to each Municipality. The activities were started at the beginning of year 2005 and will be completed during 2007.

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