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The President
The President of the Giada Agency is the President of the Coordinating Board, that is: of the Province of Vicenza, and he may appoint a District Councillor, as his representative.
The President’s role and duties are those listed at item 12 of the Convention which brought to the creation of the Giada Agency and are those listed hereunder:
• Appointing the Officer in charge of the District Office;
• Summoning and chairing at the general Conference;
• Assuring that the Conference policies are applied;
• Supervising on the good functioning of the District Office for Environment, assuring that the decisions taken by the Conference are duly put into practice.

The Conference
The Conference of subscribing boards/bodies is where the auditors of Giada Agency and the President of the Province meet and discuss all initiatives related to the district’s environmental protection.
The Conference activities are those listed at item 9 of the Convention leading to the creation of the Giada Agency, and are those listed hereunder:
• Guiding and verifying application of the Convention policies;
• Providing guidance, advice and proposals on the Agency’s activities, programmes and objectives;
• Proposing the preliminary document showing the yearly programme, which has then to be submitted to the Town Council and to the District Council for approval;
• Approving the annual report of activities referred to the previous year;
• Approving the list of people employed at the District office for Environment and any further variations on the same;
• Approval of the “Sustainability Plan “and of any variations on the same;
• Expressing an opinion on the actions to be promoted or supported in order to safeguard all decisions and measures taken by the subscribing bodies/boards

The District Office
The District Office for the Environment, that is: the Giada Agency, carries out its activities availing itself of the personnel working in the subscribing bodies/boards, and takes care of the technical and administrative management of the Agency, defining a list of activities which are required to achieve the aims as set by the Convention, and as listed hereunder:
• Obtaining the environment certification for the district;
• Upholding the environment certification for the district;
• Coordinating the gathering of data on the environment and updating the reports on the district’s environmental conditions;
• Providing technical and scientific support to the subscribing bodies/boards, in order to help the same in getting their own environment certification/registration, and in order to have these bodies/boards closely comply with the district’s environment policy guidelines;
• Looking for public and private funding in favour of the subscribing bodies/boards for all projects or actions aimed at improving the conditions of both the environment and the territory.

The Consulting Forums
The relevance and success of the Giada Project are as well determined by the firm will to make thoroughly transparent strategic choices strategic choices for both the citizens and all the institutions having their interests represented in the territory (namely: entrepreneurs’ and environmentalists’ associations, other bodies, etc.) which brought to the creation of a Consulting Forum where the Agency’s programmes and actions will be periodically checked and discussed, thus allowing for a correct and continuous exchange of information among the people taking part in the Forum who will be, either directly or indirectly, involved in managing environmental issues, even with proposals of their own.
The number of people being consulted may vary and be extended to further subjects and/or bodies involved, according to the indications given by the Conference.

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