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ARPAV (Regional Agency for Environmental Prevention and Protection in Veneto - Agenzia Regionale per la Protezione dell'Ambiente del Veneto), created with the purpose of carrying out technical and inspection tasks. The Agency supplies local bodies with the technical assistance needed to have their projects approved and all their research activities on ecosystems’ protection approved, pursuing the objective of an integrated and coordinated employment of resources. The Agency’s ultimate aim is that of identifying and removing all risk factors involving man and the environment.

The Industrialists’ Association of the Vicenza’s Province (Associazione Industriali della Provincia di Vicenza).
The Industrialists’ Association represents an industrial system operating in the territory and counts among its members a large number of industry and business enterprises located in the Province of Vicenza, belonging to all manufacturing sectors. The Association plays a significant role in promoting the entrepreneurship and in representing its members in their relations with the institutions and authorities, and with any other part of society.

Artisans’ Association of Vicenza (Associazione Artigiani di Vicenza)
Among the Associations’ objectives are those of fostering the technical, economic and social development of the craft industry, while promoting and carrying out all actions aimed at providing the artisans with the assistance and consulting services needed and solving all problems related to enterprises’ organization, the management and growth.

SME Association of Vicenza Province (Associazione delle Piccole e Medie Industrie di Vicenza-Apindustria Vicenza)
The association was set up with the purpose of representing, protecting and supporting exclusively the Small and Medium Enterprises and it is one of the leading associations within Confapi (The Italian Confederation of small and medium-sized industry-Confederazione Italiana della Piccola e Media Industria).

CNA, the National Confederation for the Craft Sector and Small and Medium Enterprise-Association for the Province of Vicenza (Cna Confederazione Nazionale dell’Artigianato e della Piccola e Media Impresa, Associazione Provinciale di Vicenza)
The CNA office operates with the aim of asserting enterprise, labour and market economy’s values, constantly seeking to harmonize the interests of both entrepreneurs and society.

The Veneto Region (Regione del Veneto)
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